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Who We Are?

Basali Media was founded with a mission to entertain, create profound stories, and raise awareness about important issues. As a women-led production company, we strive to provide opportunities for aspiring female filmmakers and contribute to the growth of the film industry in Zambia and beyond.

Our vision is to achieve global recognition for our work and to make a positive impact on society. We believe in the power of storytelling to inspire, educate, and bring about change.

Our Mission

is to entertain while creating profound stories and raising awareness. Our vision is to achieve recognition in the global film industry as women to provide opportunities for other women striving to be filmmakers and to provide mobile cinemas for individuals who cannot afford traditional movie theaters. To instruct women in the area of script writing and producing.


Whether you are a new or established business, we apply an intelligent mindset behind every concept to create a meaningful brand image.


We research key indicators related to your business in order to develop the best creative strategy and apply the right tactics to reach your audience


To ensure your business reflects an image of quality, we produce your content with impeccable attention to detail within a consistent set of guidelines uniquely tailored to your brand and campaign.

Our Beliefs


We interact with society in
various communities so as to engage in conversations that can help bring social and economic upliftment.


Love for our neighbour is what motivates us, as we facilitate for community interaction. It spurs us on to listen to people of all walks of life regardless of their social, gender or economic standing in society. Solutions usually come from unusual.


Hope is what keeps us going even when the task seems gigantic. As we run through the paces, we draw confidence that the campaigns will pan right and that our partners will achieve their desire objectives. Hope is what keeps us going even when the task seems gigantic.